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    New Domain Extensions in 2015!

    New Domain Extensions coming in 2015

    Website domain extensions are no longer limited to the traditional .com, or .net urls. The organization that controls the internet addressing system has approved the introduction of a wide variety of new extensions that people and businesses can now register to use at the end of their website address. New domain extensions bring new choice for web address endings that add meaning and context for their website. It’s now possible to register a domain extension that relates to your location, such as .nyc, or .london. Artists, designers and engineers can now use an extension that defines their passion, or profession in .art, .design and .engineering. New domains began emerging last year and 2015 will see over 500 new extensions online.

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    Why new domain extensions are being introduced

    You may have heard the news that ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has announced the creation and releasing of a considerable number of domain extensions or generic Top Level Domains to the general public. This announcement has made a substantial effect for both entrepreneurs and business people who want to build new online services and the general public as well for what promises to be an broad expansion of the information, goods and services that are currently being provided.

    The question is why new domain extensions are being introduced now? This is certainly a valid question considering the vast expanse of the internet and the services that are already being provided. Given the hundreds of millions of people that already use the internet with little to any interruption of the services currently being provided, why add even more domain extensions to the mix does have some people wondering.

    The answer lies in large part with this vast expansion of the internet. While some countries such as the United States, Australia, Europe and other areas have embraced the internet for many years, only now has the internet exploded across the Middle East, Africa and Asia with literally billions of people who are now getting access. This new flood of people coming on board means that the current services may not be adequate in terms of allowing maximum opportunities for businesses, entrepreneurs and the like to establish their presence on the internet.

    It is with this massive expansion that ICANN has responded by creating and providing a currently untold number of new domain extensions, though the actual number will certainly be more than enough to cover the potential of the new additions to the internet itself. With the new addition of domain extensions not having any effect on the overall internet structure or service, the addition of new domain extensions will certainly spark a new age of internet service and opportunities for hundreds of millions of people just entering the internet.

    New Domain Extensions are a 'reset' of the internet addressing system. All internet users and businesses should learn how best to prepare for this transformative event.